A Better Kind of General Agency

Synaptiq Life is a different kind of general agency.  We are not product focused or target market focused.  Instead, we specialize in Elite Service for Elite Producers.  We think this focus on our producers does not just make us different, we think it makes us better.

By placing our producers at the center of our business, we get to focus on the time honored tradition of extraordinary service.  Somehow, service has gotten lost in most of today’s world, but not at Synaptiq Life.  We believe in Elite Service for Elite Producers. Elite Service means many things, both large and small. It means continued communication throughout the process of writing business. It means conducting the proper follow up and review of business. It means files do not sit on our desks, but get turned around the same day. It means listening to your needs and responding to your requests.

This producer focused model is a two way street. We provide Elite Service for Elite Producers. What is an Elite Producer? In our eyes, an Elite Producer is a professional. An Elite Producer is vigilant and responsive. An Elite Producer can be a beginner or an expert, but an Elite Producer continually inquires and learns and improves. Most importantly, an Elite Producer produces the best solutions for their clients.

When you bring together the diverse product mix and premier compensation we offer with the Elite Service for Elite Producers model we employ, you really do get a better kind of general agency.

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