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Life Insurance Case Study: Make Sure the Underwriting is Correct. We received a phone call from a life insurance producer trying to pre-underwrite an application.  He had worked with another national general agency for years, but was simply tired of the lack of attention.  He had grown used to having to research each carriers intricate underwriting rules himself, but this case was just too complicated, and he didn’t have the time to do fully evaluate how to get the best-case-scenario underwriting for his client.  This producer had heard about our attention to detail, and decided he could no longer justify the status quo.  After one phone call with us, it was time for him to change general agencies.


Our first task was to evaluate his client’s options.  The previous general agency had told him the best he could get was a table B rating.  Although we determined that this was the best carrier to utilize for this client, we realized that the previous general agency was quoting a product that didn’t allow for the best-case-scenario underwriting.  They got halfway there, and did not finish the job.  Unfortunately, their partial work was about to cost the client thousands in premiums due to the table rating.  Fortunately, it wasn’t too late.  We immediately ordered a mobile exam company to conduct the treadmill EKG necessary for the best-case-scenario product.  We had the producer dual appointed through us, explained the financial requirements necessary for the client to qualify for this product, and submitted a corrected formal application.


The insurance carrier came back with the standard offer we had predicted, which pleased everyone involved with the case.  The client put the policy inforce and the producer began moving all his contracts to Synaptiq Life.


“If I knew it would be so easy and so productive, I would have changed general agencies years ago.”

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