–The Highest Compensation: 150% of Target Premium


Have you ever written a universal life product and received 150% of the annual target premium as compensation?  Now you will.  With this unique product, you will earn 75% in year 1 and 75% in year 2 for the total of 150% of target annual premium.


You might think this type of product is being issued by an inexperienced carrier.  Not true, this carrier was established in 1892 and holds a Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent), the third highest rating from A.M. Best and A+ (Strong) from Standard & Poors.  They currently operate in the United States and Canada, serving over 3 million customers and employing over 3 thousand employees.  They manage and administer $50 billion in assets.

10000The minimum coverage on this product is only $10,000, making it flexible and applicable for many different uses.  Use it as a final expense product and finally make that business worth your time.  Combine the universal life product with a term rider for an additional insured
and you have complete family protection.


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