Voluntary Supplemental Benefits

As the U.S. health coverage environment evolves, working Americans are turning to voluntary supplemental benefits to supplement their core benefit coverage.  At Synaptiq Life, we have setup a process that can build a customized solution for your company and your employees.


  • We work with any size company
  • Customized client analysis and benefits plan design
  • Underwritten by highly rated insurance carriers
  • All products are portable (employees can take it with them after leaving company) with no conversion or increased costs (rates are guaranteed for the life of program)
  • An easy and convenient process: we are a single-source solution for you and coordinate efforts between all parties
  • Customized easy to understand employee educational materials




  • Plans represent NO COST to the Employer unless the Employer chooses to contribute
  • Creates cost containment in core health coverage
  • Potential FICA savings with pre-tax “Employee Deductions”
  • No administrative burden on the part of the Employer
  • Builds Employee morale and promotes the company and corporate leadership




  • Plans are customized based on each Employee’s individual needs
  • Our programs are guaranteed issue, portable and have guaranteed rates based on age
  • Plans are available to employee, spouse and dependent children
  • Employee can make contributions on a pre-tax basis, creating additional tax savings




  • Long term care
  • Critical illness
  • Cancer plans
  • Medical supplements
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Accident insurance
  • Life Insurance (group or individual)
  • Health insurance (available for large groups)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prepaid legal
  • Identity theft




  • Enrollment
    • Paperless enrollment technology: one-on-one, web-based and call center options
    • Salaried non-commission-able benefit councilors
  • Administration

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